Marciee – strengthening the innovativeness of European entrepreneurs and professionalizing their intercultural communication and marketing activities

The importance of entrepreneurs is significant for the economic development of European economies.  Entrepreneurs have the chance to differentiate themselves from established competitors in the market with the help of dialogue communication. The new digital communication services in the field of social media provide the entrepreneurs with excellent possibilities to address their clients regardless of limited resources and cultural boundaries.

Entrepreneurs’ adaption of modern communication technologies and innovative customer relationship maintaining technologies opens a broad range of research opportunities. Entrepreneurs are often innovators in their domain, but insufficiently trained in establishing and maintaining customer dialogues. Moreover, their levels of customer relationship management differ and they are often not familiar with the use of modern technologies in support of these processes. One practical aim of MARCIEE is to strengthen the innovativeness of European entrepreneurs and to professionalize their intercultural communication and marketing activities in order to establish competitive advantages over non-European entrepreneurs. The international cooperation of doctoral students, post-docs and other interested researchers makes it not only possible for them to have access to data from different European nations, but also to learn how to cope with intercultural challenges. These concern the contents of research activities (e.g. equivalence of scales in intercultural comparisons) and the differing research traditions, processes and theoretical explanations across cultures.

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