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Welcome to Dukenet, an esteemed international consortium of universities specializing in commerce and international business.

We bring together a diverse range of private and public educational institutions from across Europe. Our network comprises 18 prestigious universities spanning 20 different countries, dedicated to offering a wide spectrum of international programs. Whether you seek short-term courses or comprehensive Master’s programs, Dukenet provides unparalleled opportunities.

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Being a part of the Dukenet network offers key benefits such as access to a prestigious consortium of universities, opportunities for international collaboration, and a platform for exchanging knowledge and expertise in the field of commerce and international business.
In recent years, Dukenet has created various consortia, offering international programs, Master’s courses, intensive programs, and different Erasmus+ programs.



We are focused on discovering, developing and implementing modern solutions in research and education.


We are devoted to enhancing cross-culture communication and understanding by organising international projects.


We are committed to improve the quality of our projects and to deliver the highest added value to all participants.


Initially established as a Socrates network in 1996, Dukenet was coordinated by the Hogeschool of 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. The Socrates program was an educational initiative by the European Commission that began in 1994 and operated until 2006, when it was replaced by the Lifelong Learning Programme. This program aimed to foster connections between individuals, institutions, and countries in the realm of education and training.

Dukenet’s initial activities comprised a one-week „Intensive Programme,” which involved a marketing simulation, and a „European Module” where a joint market study was conducted for a company across multiple countries.


Dukenet collaborates with numerous private and public institutions from various countries. To facilitate seamless communication across countries, each university appoints dedicated ambassadors as representatives. These representatives are responsible for organising Dukenet activities associated with their respective universities. They possess a deep understanding of the organisation’s objectives and actively engage with communities, institutions, and partners to expand its reach and impact. With their knowledge, passion, and dedication, ambassadors contribute significantly to the growth and visibility of the organisation, helping to build strong networks and create meaningful opportunities.

Ambassadors and their respective universities:

Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen

Seinäjoki University

Université de Savoie Mont-Blanc

Universität Kassel

Budapest Business School

Universita Degli Studi Di Trento

Avans Hogeschool

University of Economics Katowice

Universitatea Din Bucuresti

University of Debrecen

Universidad Cardenal Herrera

Universidad de Leon

Bauhaus University Weimar

University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia

University of Economics in Varna, Bulgaria
Haute école de gestion de Genève


Dukenet has a supervising committee in place to guarantee the fulfilment of the organisation’s goals. The committee comprises three key leadership positions: the president, vice-president, and treasurer. Collectively, they develop strategies to achieve Dukenet’s objectives, maintain communication with internal and external collaborators, make critical decisions that impact the organisation’s operations, and oversee financial matters. Overall, they serve as representatives for the company’s interests.

Justyna Ganassali

Lieven Theys

Sarah Kniel


Honorary members in Dukenet hold a special place as esteemed individuals who highlight unwavering dedication to the organisation’s mission and values. As honorary members, they bring valuable expertise, insights, and experiences that enrich the collective wisdom of the association. Their involvement inspires and motivates members to strive for excellence, thus, enhancing Dukenet´s reputation within the broader community.

Some distinguished honorary members affiliated with Dukenet are:

  • Marleen Matyn
  • Paul van Brabant
  • Luc Lefebvre
  • Bénédicte Serrate
  • Daniel Madec
  • Michel Fily +
  • Ritva Leppänen
  • Sirkku Rantalainen
  • Timo Kajtanimi
  • Gerd-Michael Hellstern


Ton Perlo


  • Italo Trevisan
  • Judit Papp
  • Slawomir Smyczek
  • Richard van Huigenbos
  • Stephane Ganassali
  •  Francisco Suay Pérez
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